Step away from the #top12toys list

The top 12 toy list was released with all the pomp and circumstance of a rocket launch last week, and amidst all the (extensive) news coverage of these so-called 12 best sellers was the continued reiteration of These Will All Sell Out.

My daughter (aged 3 ½) saw an ad for one of these top 12 toys and her face lit up when she saw the singing Elsa doll with a magic microphone. I knew it would come, and seconds later I got ‘mummy, can I have that for Christmas?’.

Now, before I tell you the answer, let me tell you a story:

This time last year THE must buy toy was a singing Elsa doll. This doll sang (inevitably) Let It Go when you lifted its arm. My daughter, who at this point had asked for nothing for Christmas, asked for this doll. Being a naïve (nay, stupid) parent, I said ‘if you ask Father Christmas I’m sure you’ll get it’. These turned out to be words I would regret for the next FIVE nail biting weeks.

Why five weeks? Because that damn f*cker of a doll had sold out EVERYWHERE. This doll, with an RRP of £24.99 was going for over £100 on eBay. I trawled every site, followed every lead, had notifications set up for every store from Toys R Arse and Argos, to having my name down at local toy stores in a 10 mile radius of where I lived. Eventually I managed to purchase it from Amazon in the States and had it shipped over for £30 all in.

It arrived December 23. Relief flooded through me. I wrapped it. Santa delivered it.

It was played with for 3 minutes until the next toy was unwrapped.

And there it lay, undisturbed for the next three months.


So no, she’s not getting the updated version, because someone somewhere has decreed it’s in the top 12. And by virtue of fact it’s in the top 12, it will sell out because it’s meant to be popular, therefore ensuring it remains a ‘must have’ toy.

My advice – if they ask for a toy, don’t guarantee Father Christmas will get it. Make a note, search for it, and if it sounds like it’ll be tricky to track down, suggest something else… oh and good luck…

Either that, or employ a private detective to search one out for you!


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