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Are you on the nice list or the naughty list?

We make it a priority this time of year to drum into our children to ‘be good’, because Santa knows what you’re up to. If you’re nice and good, you are rewarded. If you’re naughty, you get coal…


This is of course a legitimate child training technique 😉 , and can work wonders. But, what about adults? With no incentive of Santa, who keeps us adults in check at the very time of year when stress levels are up? It’s the perfect time of year to give a little kindness to those around us, but that can be forgotten.

Based on my last week, here’s my round up of who is on my nice and naughty lists, should Santa be taking note…

Nice List

  • The much older woman who got up and gave my very tired daughter a seat on the bus. Thank you lovely lady.
  • The man in the café who bought mine and my daughter’s drinks when she (very publicly) declared, she needed ‘a poo NOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW’ and I had to walk away from the queue. You sir, are a saint.
  • All my parent friends, who drop everything for each other whenever they can, all year round. We get each other out of fixes, into work, able to meet multiple appointments, and basically ensure we can all juggle the serious amount of things required of us. Go us.

Naughty List

  • Dreadful “journalist” Liz Jones from the Daily Mail, who had a go at parents sending pictures of their children in Christmas cards. The answer to not getting these pictures is for all your friends who are parents to wake up and realise what a terrible person you are, and not send you anything. All year round.
  • The woman who parked in the parent and baby spot in my local car park. Who then stuck her middle finger up at me and told me to f*ck off when I challenged her, and asked where her children were. She did it in front of my 3 year old. Nice.
  • The delivery man who, on handing over a massive box to me, declared ‘looks like someone’s getting a Micro Scooter for Christmas’, in front of my children. Who are getting Micro Scooters for Christmas, as A SURPRISE.

Who would make your Nice and Naughty Lists?


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