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The Ultimate Christmas tag

I am joining in with the Ultimate Christmas Tag from Stressed Mum (answers from me!)

What is your favourite Christmas film?

I love so many Christmas films, Miracle on 34th Street (the 90s version) is ace and makes me cry every time. I believe.

But ultimately it has to be Elf. It’s too damn funny.

Have you ever had a white christmas?

I don’t think I have. I think we’ve had a few come close, but never a white Christmas Day. For my kids’ sake I’d like us to have one as they’re desperate for it.

Where do you usually spend Christmas?

At home as just the four of us for Christmas Day, and then we have everyone over (grandparents etc) on Boxing Day so we get the best of both worlds.

What is your favourite Christmas Song?

I love Driving Home for Christmas. Very tinkly.

Can you name all of Father Christmas Reindeer?

Right…here we go – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donna and Blitzen, and Rudolph. I knew those years in retail at Christmas would pay off one day.

Is your Christmas Tree Real or Fake?

It’s real this year. We had a couple of years when the children were very young when we had a fake but it just wasn’t the same. We’ve dug our own this year! (blog to follow of that soon!).

Do you Dress Up on Christmas Day or stay in PJ’s?

I’d love to dress up, we used to at my parents’, but it’s never quite happened at our house. It’s usually stretchy jeans and a Christmas jumper. Not a look I’m particularly proud of, but who else is going to see me?!

Are you a pro present wrapper – or fail miserably?

I’m pretty good. I’ve been efficient at buying pressies this year, but whilst I have the best intentions of ribbon curling, paper matching and Christmas stamps, I suspect they’ll look much like last year (badly taped due to Baileys intake).

Do you make New Years Resolutions? And do you stick to them?

I don’t both any more. I used to, and then I’d fail and then I’d feel like a failure. So now I don’t, but I do stick by resolutions made all year round. I’m pretty good at doing something I say I’m going to.

What was your most memorable Christmas?

I think each one has a stand out moment. I loved my family Christmases as a child. I loved the coupley Christmases we had as a married couple pre children, and I love the traditions we’re creating with our young family. They’re all memorable.

I’ll tag in Clare at Mudpie Fridays!


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