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*guest blog* First outing with our new born

Written by Alexia Rowley

My first outing with my daughter took us an hour to leave the house. We had high hopes and after checking the change bag 100 times, feeding and changing her to be on the safe side and layering her up with about 4 layers; a woolly hat and 3 blankets, we stepped out. How warm is too warm? Layers are supposed to be better, right? We then watched a YouTube clip to confirm that we had fitted the car seat correctly, despite the fact we had previously had it checked by 2 branches of Mothercare. We were on our way.


She cried the second the car moved. What an earth could be wrong? We had read that leaving a baby to cry increases their cortisone levels, and ignoring their cries means they will learn that no one will come, so we pulled over the moment she fussed, which was about 6 times since we left.

50 minutes and 1.5 miles later our plans to go to town were replaced with the local cafe. Both of us now frazzled and fraught that she had been in the car seat too long and her head would be misshapen for life. We got her out and carried her in, walking like lunatics on egg shells for fear of dropping her or falling over. We got a seat and she promptly began to cry again. A ‘helpful’ passer-by suggested that she might be hungry. I then also burst into tears. What kind of mother was I? How could I not be able to read my daughter well enough to know this! Was she hungry? I attempted to feed her, she screamed more.

We were mortified and afraid the whole café were condemning our poor parenting. Hurriedly we decided to aborted mission ‘family day’ to return home where we hid for the next few days.

Tomorrow ‘a trip to the beach

Yesterday New Mum


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