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*guest post*  Our attempt to go to the beach…

Written by Alexia Rowley

When my daughter was 2 months old we felt confident that we were ready to go further afield and decided January would be a fabulous time to show her the sea. We left the house in record time. Just 40 minutes after putting on our coats. Progress!

A small domestic when we first set off with me questioning “Is she too hot in the car?” Remembering the Health Visitor’s recent advice that woolly hats and mittens indoors are not 20131229_131951necessary. I worried her coat was too thick. “We should take her coat off, I hear if there is a crash a thick coat means the car seat straps wouldn’t be tight enough. Take her coat off, we could be killing her!!!”

Calm was quickly restored and an hour’s journey later all was go swimmingly. Until I asked the dreaded question… “Did you bring everything I put by the door?” It turns out that no, in fact we (HE) did not bring everything at all… We had not brought a single blanket, or the main bit of the pushchair, or in fact any more nappies which meant we had one! We were stuck in January on a beach with no blankets with just the car seat element of the pushchair! And as we’ve established too long in a car seat can lead to a misshapen head (or so we thought at the time).

Needless to say our visit was considerably shorter than we had planned. But on the flip side we were more creative then we knew. I took my socks off to give her another layer on her legs. My pashmina and husbands jumper provided a very warm blanket and every time we were inside we took her out of the car seat. We were getting there!

We were learning to overcome our parenting fails and surprisingly a pretty good time was had by all.

Tomorrow ‘Parenting wins’

Yesterday ‘First outing with a new born



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