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*guest post* parenting wins

 Written by Alexia Rowley

The early months with a baby were the scariest, most life affirming, tiring, uncertain and life changing event that has ever happened to me.

I had many more parenting fails and huge learning curves along the way. For example it turns out that taking a 6 month old on holiday to a beach resort is actually not as fun as you might imagine and involved a lot more time indoors in air conditioning then I thought was possibleNever ask other parents how their baby is sleeping if your baby doesn’t sleep, this will always end in tears.

IMG_1291 Breastfeeding is hard work and sometimes painful even if you are doing it right. Teething lasts forever and covers a multitude of sins. Everyone secretly thinks their baby is the best at everything and will usually only ask if your baby is doing X or Y because their baby already is and they want to tell you about it.  And sometimes babies just cry and it’s not because you are doing anything wrong they are just trying to communicate.

It does get easier. Of course those simple things like just popping out are not so simple and everything takes a lot more time when you have to factor in little people, but the worry and self-doubt does ease.

Now, whenever I don’t have my little ones with me and am able to ‘pop out’ I feel almost euphoric at how easy it is to do those simple tasks. So much so that recently I was asked by a cashier if I had had a few drinks and had to explain, no, I just had a few hours to go to the shop without my children…


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