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Letter to my sad friend

To my friend,

You’re going through some tough crap at the moment and I know it feels like there’s no end in sight.

I know you’re sad, I know you’re struggling, I know that sometimes you’d rather pull the covers over your head and never leave the house.

I know you feel like a shadow of your usual self and I understand. I promise you I do. Because, I may not have been through exactly what you have to have got to this low point, but I understand low. I understand sad.
I’ve been in those dark places, I know what it is to think you don’t want to worry other people, or that to just spend a few minutes with them is to be asking too much of someone. You’re not. FB message me. WhatsApp me. Be old fashioned and call me! Or come for a cup of tea.

Just don’t be afraid to say you want to talk.

To not talk is the worst thing. To not talk is to leave those thoughts swirling in your mind, until they grow into a much darker cloud. To talk is to say ‘I need help’. To ask for help is not being weak, it’s not letting anyone down. It’s a very brave thing to do. And once you start to talk you’ll realise that, whilst your problems may not disappear, you may feel a little lighter. A little brighter. The dark cloud may get a bit a smaller.

Keep talking.

You, my friend, are an incredibly strong person. You will get through this, and one day you’ll look back and realise that it was a shit time, but that you’ve come through it. You will.

See you soon for a cuppa, OK?



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