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*guest post* The Baby Diary

By Alexia Rowley

Wow. What a fab night! Baby only woke up twice!! Things are improving. This is the second night in a row. It must be that amber anklet! I knew it would work. I have finally got this sussed!


Why is he still crying? Up 4 times last night. Then started the day at 5am. Nothing I do works. I am a terrible mother! I can’t help him at all. Why can’t I settle him? Will he ever sleep again? Not helped by another mum at baby group telling me how lucky she is to have such a “good baby! She slept through since she was 5 weeks”. I hate baby groups!!!


Another terrible night and more crying. He doesn’t want to eat anything. Now I feel guilty for getting annoyed about lack of sleep. Maybe he is teething? That amber anklet doesn’t work at all! Or maybe he is unwell. How did I not know that? What if it’s something serious?

Night was marginally better. Went to the doctors, while I was explaining how unhappy and poorly he has been, said baby was beaming and cooing at the Doctor! Little monkey clearly likes winding me up. Feeding has improved dramatically.

Today was brilliant. He fed well, woke up just once and napped. Result!! So relieved we are back on the up. I think that white noise app really helped. Loved baby group today. Met some great mums and so lovely to see my clever boy smiling at everyone.

He has not stopped eating. I think this baby is actually addicted to boob! Not a great night.

Arghh!!! He is feeding every 2 hours’ day and night. Will I ever sleep again? I don’t remember the last time I slept.

Repeat cycle until baby is 1.



2 thoughts on “*guest post* The Baby Diary

  1. Super sorry you’re having major sleep deprivation right now x ugh those perfect moms with perfect baby’s with perfect lifestyles
    , eh?! Aren’t they just wonderful x

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