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Better blogging coming soon…

I am 33 years old, and by now I expected I would be a fully mature adult, one who is able to make decisions by herself, and be unaffected by peer pressure. Yet despite managing this in my professional career, and even (generally) as a mum of two lovely children, I have fallen into a trap of crap blogging over the last few months. And for that, I apologise.

I began my blog not because I felt I had some wisdom to impart, or in fact because I had plenty of time on my hands to nurture it, but because I’m completing an English degree and life writing (which blogging is) was something I had little experience in, and I needed to learn this craft. For the first few months, I enjoyed posting something on a weekly basis. I had a little success with people sharing my blogs, commenting on them, interacting.

However, I then began to feel the pressure to follow many other ‘mummy bloggers’ and pages such as Mumsnet. Whilst I applaud every single blogger for doing their thing, and Mumsnet etc for providing the information service they do, it skewed my perception of blogging.

Instead of writing what I wanted to write about, I began writing on subjects I felt would get bigger shares, a mention on Mumsnet, or (blogger gold) a Huffpost entry. But instead, my shares decreased, interaction on my Facebook page reduced. And do you know why?

‘Cos it was boring.

I’ve been considering stopping the blog, I’ve got a pretty full on life what with kids, a career and a degree to sort, but I don’t want to. I enjoy the freedom of MY blog and I want my readers to enjoy it too.

One of the reasons I started the blog was because I got told by a few people that I was actually pretty funny, and I’d like to return to that.

There will be, no doubt, times when I’ll touch on heavier subjects because, without a little shade you can’t appreciate the light, but I hope to bring you plenty more blog entries, on stuff you actually want to read about.




3 thoughts on “Better blogging coming soon…

    1. Aw, thanks hon, I suppose the problem is I’m finding coming up with content is getting tricky as I’m overthinking it? I want to get back to being a bit more relaxed and not quite so serious. Still going to have my lovely guest blogger Alexia though as I feel she balances me out!

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