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Countdown to school, what I’ll miss (and some things I won’t)

My daughter is off to school in September, so here’s a few things I’ll miss (and won’t miss) about life with pre-schoolers.

(I’ve realised a lot of these involve me either trying to sleep, rest or drink coffee, but to be fair, I had two children in 19 months, I didn’t sleep from 2010-2013, and have only recently understood what it is to have more than 5 hours consecutively…so, you know, small wins).


  • Her, of course. She’s a lovely little friend, I know she’ll be back after school (but if her tired and grumpy older brother is anything to go by, she won’t be pleasant)
  • Going on little excursions together (you know, Pret…)
  • Snuggles on the sofa whilst watching something on cbeebies
  • Going to parks which are fairly quiet as all the big kids are at school
  • Being silly at home (best game ever was ‘sleepovers’ where I was legitimately allowed to sleep during the day)


Won’t miss

  • Hoorraaayyyy, no more poo filled playgroups, complete with dirty toys and brattish kids.
  • Paying nursery fees. Even with 15 free hours it’s expensive if you attempt to work.
  • C-f*cking-beebies. From now on it’s all My Little Pony and, oh wait… noooooo
  • The assistant in all household tasks, she’s lovely, but it takes twice the time to do half the work
  • Being helped with the supermarket shop. Usually involves a tantrum (her), shouting (me), tears in the bakery aisle (both of us) and one of us being ID’d for vodka



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