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Why I won’t be buying a gift for the teacher

My son’s second year at primary school is coming to an end and with that is the end of a relationship with this year’s class teacher.

In the past week I’ve been asked by a few parents what I’ll be ‘getting’ our class teacher. My answer? Nothing. I don’t plan on buying a gift for our fantastic and lovely teacher. I didn’t buy a gift when my son finished reception, and I don’t plan on doing it this year.


It’s often said it takes a village to raise a child and I don’t think that statement could be embodied in any better way than by the school experience. My son’s class teacher may be the ‘face’ of his year of education, but behind her there’s the teacher assistants; the further ability maths teacher; the passionate PE teacher; the exuberant and hard-working head and deputy head; the office staff; the incredible dinner ladies who always make my son laugh; the parents who assist in classes to read; the PTA who put on amazing events to give the school better facilities; the governors working in the background and even the ground staff – including a lovely lady who puts fantastic poems and inspiring quotes in the gardens around the school.

This school is not a private school, it is a fantastic state school which works hard to push the children and give them amazing life enhancing education.

For me, to give a gift solely to the one class teacher undermines the entire mass of people who have also enhanced and enriched my son’s learning this year.

I take no issue with other people buying gifts and I suspect by the time we get to the end of year six there’ll be some people we wish to give things to – but I don’t like the implication that to buy a gift is compulsory. It should be your choice if you want to give a gift. My son will be sending a thank you card to his class teacher and I’ll thank her too but that’s all.

What about you? Are you buying a gift? Making something? Let me know!



4 thoughts on “Why I won’t be buying a gift for the teacher

  1. My sons teacher (same year as yours) has been so brilliant in helping us get ASD diagnosis for him. On the advice of a teacher friend, I wrote a letter to headteacher thanking her and making sure she knew she was appreciated .

    1. That’s a really good idea. I think making the head aware of how good your teacher is a much more thoughtful gesture. And of course it will benefit the teacher in their annual reviews.

  2. We are all making donations to give the teacher and TA (there is only the one) a gift each. But yes I do feel a bit sad that there are other people who help my daughter (she has extra lessons in some subjects as she has selective mutism). So I think I’ll get my daughter to make or bake them each a gift 😀

    1. That’s a good idea, get her working hard! We baked for our nursery teacher who had been with my son since he was 3 months old. There won’t be any of that this year though as the kitchen is being done!

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