REVIEW: Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories

I was contacted by Boolino to review some of their books and as I’m an avid reader and writer, not to mention having written my own children’s book, it seemed a win-win situation.

The first book  I was sent to review was the utterly gorgeous Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories, illustrated and written by the supremely talented Jane Hissey.

My youngest loved the book so much, it was tucked up in bed with her favourite panda when I went to look for it…

When I Tweeted that I’d received the book, a follower mentioned she used to enjoy the stories when she was younger. I was unaware that the book had been out for that long, until I discovered the anthology has been around approximately 20 years and has been transformed into a programme!

I think it was a happy lack of knowledge though as it meant I was able to enjoy the stories with my children aged 6 and 4 with no reference to my childhood.

As it’s an anthology there’s 21 amazing stories to get stuck into and because my two are allowed two stories a night, I must confess we haven’t read them all yet, but the eight we have read have all be utterly enchanting.

The smallest details aren’t overlooked in either the stories or the illustrations and the three of us have been charmed by the descriptions of Tiny Teddy sleeping in a conker shell, or Henry Isaiah (a teddy with one eye higher than the other, geddit?) and his quest for a new name.


My daughter very quickly got hold of the book and decided it was hers, something her six year old brother was a little disgruntled about, but it will no doubt be a volume we refer to for many years to come.

I believe this book will continue forever as a classic, something to be enjoyed by children and adults for many more years. Something I can only aspire to emulate one day!

To buy a copy of the book, visit Boolino and have a look around – they have an amazing collection!


4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories

  1. I absolutely used to love Old Bear as a child (especially the video I used to watch over and over). I’ve been trying to hunt this down to watch with my baby girl… Thanks for sharing! ‘Please read us a story old bear…’ will be in my head all day now! Xx

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