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Special Fried Rice #babyinabouncer #recipe

This is a lovely recipe and whilst my children don’t jump on it and devour it like they would with any beige oven food, they do eat with little complaint -which frankly I see as a win…

If I’m honest it’s mainly guesstimate amounts, and I increase or decrease the ingredients depending on how many of us are eating.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can make it from storecupboard and freezer ingredients, so it’s great if you haven’t been shopping for a while. Oh, and this is just a guide, you could swap out the ingredients for similar ones.

PS – if you’re doing Weight Watchers, this recipe is counted as ‘no count’, you could eat it all in one sitting and STILL lose weight!

This recipe serves 4 (2 adults and 2 children)



1 x pack precooked rice (I use brown, but white works too)

2-3 handfuls frozen sweetcorn

2-3 handfuls frozen peas

1 handful frozen chopped onion (I’m lazy, but if you want to chop up a real onion, it’s approx 1 small onion)

2 handfuls frozen shrimps/prawns

1 x egg (beaten)

Spray oil

Soy sauce

  • if you want to spice it up a bit for just adults, add some garlic and chilli


Put frying pan over a relatively high heat. Spray oil in frying pan. Add onion, stir and fry off until it’s starting to caramelise a little (couple mins).



Add rice and stir fry for a minute or two. Add frozen veg and frozen prawns. Keep stir frying. (If you were cooking this for adults, this is the time to pop the chilli and garlic in).

Pour in the beaten egg and stir fry quickly (it sort looks a little like scrambled egg, but sticks to the rice etc).

Pour over a little soy sauce to taste and stir again.








Serve! 20160807_095024.jpg


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