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Finding my feet #couchto5k

Maybe it was the Olympics in the air, maybe it was the summer holidays and needing some time on my own, maybe it was Carol Kirkwood twirling around on the Beeb ad, but something clicked a couple of weeks ago; I needed to run.

For anyone who knows me this will come as quite a shock. I have, many times, declared that I’m not ‘built’ to run. I had knee surgery 8 years ago and regularly suffer with knee pain when doing something as tough as walking up stairs. I’m also not a lithe limber type – although I refuse to state I have a weight problem, I do have a chocolate problem.

So, these and a few other factors have always ensured I’ve never gone for a run. I’m not a total novice to exercise, I’ve done a bit of weight training, and I do a daily dose of yoga but cardio is my nemesis.

Despite all this, I still had the urge to move. I’ve got wobbly bits which have wobbly bits and frankly, I’ve had enough. I’m 33 and I need this body to work for the next 60 years, eating chocolate isn’t going to be the answer.

I did a little research and quickly found the BBC app for Couch to 5k, which was free to install and, after a little navigation, seemed to be what I was after. I was also pretty chuffed it had Sarah Millican voicing it, as I felt she’d be kindly training partner on my first run.

I warned my husband I’d be getting up early (you could tell he didn’t believe me), unearthed my training shoes from behind the sofa, and found something suitably loose to run in. The next day I woke up full of purpose and followed all the instructions Sarah fired at me.

Obligatory sweaty post workout selfie

And guess what? I survived. I didn’t fall over in a heap. I didn’t throw up in hedge. I didn’t faint. I got back sweaty. yet triumphant. Let’s not over-egg the situation, this was no marathon and I definitely need some tweaking on my run (I have a feeling I look like those power walkers), but I did it.

Not wanting to jinx it, I’ve not mentioned it to anyone. But I’m now midway through week 2. I’ve run every other day for the last two weeks and I feel good. My knee doesn’t hurt – turns out all the yoga I’ve been doing have complemented my running – and I feel flipping fabulous.

It’s a nine week course to get you to run 5km, or half an hour, and I plan on updating as much as I can.

Now I’m off to buy a running bra – turns out the frontage needs a bit more scaffolding to keep it in place, I almost got a black eye this morning 😉



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